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Canada Goose

SC Spring Renaissance

Canada Goose’s ambassadors are not well-known outside the arctic explorer- world, thus CG experiences a lack of cultural relevance. Because the stories are coming from people that aren’t as relevant in everyday culture. Sometimes the need to hear the right stories, to inspire our own. That's why we have chosen 5 famous ambassadors to tell their stories with their CG's spring items, to invite consumers to do the same.


Conceptrice Rédactrice


Strategist : 

Line Jess

Art Director : 

Mylène Fouconnier, Louisa Delor & Valentin Lerouvillois

Copywriter : 

Florence Cussans

Capture d’écran 2021-05-03 à 15.30.59.png

CHARLES LECLERC - Leclerc’s Sailing Sweater 

I love spending Easter in the Riviera, it’s my favourite time of year. We have this tradition where we hire a sailboat for the day. It’s very nice, lots of swimming, laughing... eating. I enjoy this quality time with close friends and family. In the evening we watch the sunset from this special cove, one that only few people know about. My parents actually discovered this spot when they were young, I’ve heard it’s where they fell in love. Out on the water, where the winds hit hardest, layers are essential. Especially after the sun sets. My father taught me this when I was a boy. Since then, I always take my CG sweater on board with me. It makes me feel good to know that even though I live a fast life, I can always come here and slow down a bit.

Charles did this in his CG, what will you do?

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