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The brief was to create an evocative, hyper-relevant brand building campaign around the 100th Anniversary that will make young adults into lifelong Disney fans. Most of the time, people often consider Disney to be a part of their past, rather than their future. The time has come to Remember Together all the good memories that Disney has given us in the past to advance serenely towards future. 


Conceptrice Rédactrice


Art Director : 
Charlotte Fucks &
Mylène Fouconnier

Conceptrice Rédactrice : 
Florence Cussans



Disney has so many characters that captivated us during our childhood, inspired us in our adolescence and will continue to amaze us. Disney is our past, present and future, whether we’re aware of it or not. Except Disney is getting old....And with old age often comes a fading memory. Little by little the movie characters start disappearing from the platform, prompting a storm of questions across social media and news outlets. And Disney will answer... "Disney is turning 100 and their memory is fading! We need your help… Let’s jog their memory by recreating your favorite Disney moments from the past 100 years." The top 100 posts will win a surprise bundle delivered straight to their door, no matter where in the world they are. After receiving a personal message on social media from Disney. The themed bundles will be sent to young adults across the globe. Filled with Disney inspired goodies, tailored to the needs and secret dreams of 18-30 year-olds. A gift so good can’t stay secret for long. After all the bundles are delivered, the prototype will go on sale for everyone to enjoy. Don’t forget Disney’s birthday. 


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